Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WunderBrow Review

Hi Gorgeous,

As you know, I'm hooked on brows and mine take me at least 10min everyday to do.  Between them being thin, unevenly shaped, and with little to no hair growth in the front, I shape them and fill them in every.single.day! And it's exhausting  :(

So, like may of us brow focused gals I follow tons of threading, waxing, tinting, shaping, filling, tattoo, and micro-blading Instagram's and YouTube accounts.  Now with Instagram's new algorithms and interest based Ad's it was with no surprise that a 15sec Wunderbrow tinted gel Ad popped up on my feed - and within seconds I had it in my Amazon Prime Cart (along with high hopes and expectations!).

2 weeks into it's use and I'm ready to review it!  

Cost:  at $22.00 its right on par with many other high end brow products.
What you get:   Tinted Gel and Spooley
Claim:  (taken directly from Wunderbrow website)

  • Long lasting - stays on until you decide to take it off.
  • Transfer-Proof - will not transfer onto your clothes.
  • Budge-Proof - will not smudge if you rub.
  • Water-Proof - shower, swim, workout, Wunderbrow stays put.

  • Hair Fibers - fill in sparse areas for a natural look.

  • My thoughts:
    Long Lasting -YES - lasting days (as on Instagram ad) or until I take off...not so much.  First off, ANY oil based remover will take the gel off.  I have a naturally oily t-zone, which encompasses the forehead, so I've noticed that I'f not controlling my t-zone as usual the gel will come off a bit easier than my t-zone is under control.

    Transfer-proof - YES, this I have found to be true which makes snuggling, wearing sunglasses and hats worry-free.

    Budge-proof - Pretty Much ... again back to my point with long lasting; If you have oily skin or touch your brows with oily fingers you will get some product that comes off.  Of course, not as much as if you were just using a powder or pencil.

    Water-Proof - YES! I tested this the last 2 times in the shower.  It lasted throughout the shower  (NOTE* I did not use my soaps as I normally do) and so I cannot wait to wear in the summer on pool/beach days.  I would be interested to see if you run into an issue if applying sunscreen throughout a day in the sun/water.

    Hair fibers-  I definitely notice that when I use this gel my brows absolutely look fuller, which is a plus.

    Final review:
    This is YOUR product if you have sparse brows or are just looking to spruce your brows up without having to worry about accidentally touching your brows or transfer etc.  For me, this will be my go to in the summer for its longevity qualities as well as being waterproof.  However, for my needs of filling in the areas that I have no hair growth, its not the best.  The reason is mostly because its a tint and I need to make believable hair strokes in the area when I actually have no hair.

    Would I buy it again .... hmmm I feel like its going to take a very long time to use up the entire tube BUT when/if I should I think I would consider buying it again (but lets see how it does for me during the heat/sweat/water/sun lotions of the summer).


    Cheers to a beautiful you,

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