Thursday, October 19, 2017



Hi Gorgeous,

So, its been quite a while since I last blogged about anything and I guess its because my life has certainly changed! I became a momma to a beautiful baby girl this past June and nothing's been the same since. 

So here I am and in a completely new chapter of my life as a wife AND a mom; and yet many of my passions are the same! I find myself at a crossroads of life and so does this blog ... I mean after all I have so many new things to share, so I'm going to try to share them all as they come in hopes I'm able to connect with some of you on a mom level, on a beauty level, on a (basic) fashion level or maybe on all of them!

It's going to be a ride and I definitely don't promise to be consistent (shit, I'm lucky if I can consistently remember deodorant these days) but I'm going to try.  I'm going to try for you and mostly for me because as a women, mom, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, employee, friend, etc... I have lots to say and to share :)

Here's a toast to this next chapter and to hoping this blog can keep up with me!

Cheers to a beautiful you,

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WunderBrow Review

Hi Gorgeous,

As you know, I'm hooked on brows and mine take me at least 10min everyday to do.  Between them being thin, unevenly shaped, and with little to no hair growth in the front, I shape them and fill them in! And it's exhausting  :(

So, like may of us brow focused gals I follow tons of threading, waxing, tinting, shaping, filling, tattoo, and micro-blading Instagram's and YouTube accounts.  Now with Instagram's new algorithms and interest based Ad's it was with no surprise that a 15sec Wunderbrow tinted gel Ad popped up on my feed - and within seconds I had it in my Amazon Prime Cart (along with high hopes and expectations!).

2 weeks into it's use and I'm ready to review it!  

Cost:  at $22.00 its right on par with many other high end brow products.
What you get:   Tinted Gel and Spooley
Claim:  (taken directly from Wunderbrow website)

  • Long lasting - stays on until you decide to take it off.
  • Transfer-Proof - will not transfer onto your clothes.
  • Budge-Proof - will not smudge if you rub.
  • Water-Proof - shower, swim, workout, Wunderbrow stays put.

  • Hair Fibers - fill in sparse areas for a natural look.

  • My thoughts:
    Long Lasting -YES - lasting days (as on Instagram ad) or until I take off...not so much.  First off, ANY oil based remover will take the gel off.  I have a naturally oily t-zone, which encompasses the forehead, so I've noticed that I'f not controlling my t-zone as usual the gel will come off a bit easier than my t-zone is under control.

    Transfer-proof - YES, this I have found to be true which makes snuggling, wearing sunglasses and hats worry-free.

    Budge-proof - Pretty Much ... again back to my point with long lasting; If you have oily skin or touch your brows with oily fingers you will get some product that comes off.  Of course, not as much as if you were just using a powder or pencil.

    Water-Proof - YES! I tested this the last 2 times in the shower.  It lasted throughout the shower  (NOTE* I did not use my soaps as I normally do) and so I cannot wait to wear in the summer on pool/beach days.  I would be interested to see if you run into an issue if applying sunscreen throughout a day in the sun/water.

    Hair fibers-  I definitely notice that when I use this gel my brows absolutely look fuller, which is a plus.

    Final review:
    This is YOUR product if you have sparse brows or are just looking to spruce your brows up without having to worry about accidentally touching your brows or transfer etc.  For me, this will be my go to in the summer for its longevity qualities as well as being waterproof.  However, for my needs of filling in the areas that I have no hair growth, its not the best.  The reason is mostly because its a tint and I need to make believable hair strokes in the area when I actually have no hair.

    Would I buy it again .... hmmm I feel like its going to take a very long time to use up the entire tube BUT when/if I should I think I would consider buying it again (but lets see how it does for me during the heat/sweat/water/sun lotions of the summer).


    Cheers to a beautiful you,

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    Monday, May 2, 2016

    Current Skin Care Routine

    Hi Gorgeous,

    Since my wedding I've been trying so hard to keep up my skin care routine and I am truly noticing a difference.  Here is my current A.M / P.M skin care routine:

    Struggle to wake up (lol) and turn on the coffee pot!
    After brushing my teeth, I begin prepping my skin for the day:
    • Wash my face with warm water / splash with cold water right at the end
    • Dry with clean face towel
    • Apply eye cream: Currently loving Mario Badescu Hyluronic Eye Cream
    • Apply face moisturizer: Currently using MURAD Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 15 PA+++
    • Apply chapstick of choice!
    After applying my eye, face, and lip moisturizer I enjoy a cup of coffee while it all sinks into the skin. Once my coffee is done and my face feels almost dry (a little tacky) I begin my makeup routine :)

    After a long day, there's nothing more I'd like to do that just put my PJ's on and head into the bed BUT we all know leaving the days face on is a skin-care 'no-no' so I head to the bathroom for my nighttime routine.  
    • I use CVS brand makeup remover wipes in lavender to remove all my face makeup.
    • Because it's important to be gentle around the eye area, I use a cotton swab with either Bioderma or Lancome Bi-Facil to remove my eye makeup.
    • Wash off any remaining product using Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser (every other day I use this cleaner in conjunction with my Clarisonic to assist in a deeper clean).
    • Once a week I tone with either the Mario Badescu Aloe toner or the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid toner
    • Apply eye cream:  RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream
    • Apply face serum: OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum Vitamin C collagen booster
    • Apply face oil:  OLE HENRIKSEN Pure Truth Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil
      • OR Apply face cream:  EMBRYOLISSE Lait-Creme Concentre
      • Apply Bite beauty Agave lip mask
      annndd after all that, I'm officially ready to crawl in bed, kiss my hubby 'goodnight', and pass out :) 

      Sometimes I, obviously, need to cater this routine towards certain skin issues I may be experiencing at that time.  I've been really happy with my skin and hope it continues to improve (although I am itching for another PCA peel!).

      Cheers to a beautiful you,

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      Wednesday, March 16, 2016

      DRY SHAMPOO !!

      Hi Gorgeous,

      Let us talk Dry Shampoos! For me, a gal with naturally oily hair, it is a routine MUST that saves me at least 2x a week.  But, for those of you who might not have ever really messed with it, let me give you the scoop!

      Dry shampoo will save your hair when its looking just a little slippery but face it, you don't feel like taking a full on shower.  It will rid your hair of excess oil and odor without the need for water!  Just spray at your roots wait a few seconds, and then fluff in with fingers- VUALA!

      Dry shampoo can also help you pump up the volume on any flat-do because of its starchy nature (think adding starch to thicken a stew).  It's also epic in holding that tease all night long!

      My favs:
      Batiste Dry Shampoo (affordable 'Drugstore')

      Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo (pricey Prestige brand)

      Which is better you ask? Whichever fits your budget! Don't let pricey items fool you into thinking they are always better.  Many Drugstore brands are actually the Parent companies of the high-end brands you love which means ... shared manufacturing space/products etc. (get it?)

      In this case both are fantastic - for everyday use I turn to Batiste which I pick up in ULTA, but for that extra 'umf' on date night I reach for drybar Detox.  Its got a better hold and absorbs super fast.  Plus, it comes in an adorable travel size that you can usual find while waiting on the line at Sephora- which comes in handy when needing to bring with you to another location.

      Cheers to a beautiful you,

      Monday, March 7, 2016

      Aztec Indian Healing Clay - Fask Mask

      Hi Gorgeous!

      If you are into treatments, exfoliators, and face masks then this is the post for you!
      Back in November I was watching the oh-so-sweet Kathleen Lights talk about a few of her favs and she mentioned this gem  --->

      At first I told myself not to buy another product (although only retailing on at $7.50 for 1lb) because I have tons of sheet masks, overnight masks, clay masks etc.  But as I was approaching my wedding date, my skin was really acting up with these little bumps under the surface and uneven texture (bridal stress is NO JOKE).  So I turned to my fellow bridal friends on FB and asked what they use to bring out the best in their skin and BAM! first reply was this Indian Healing Clay.  That's all it took for me to go ahead, hop on Amazon and buy this baby.

      Needless to say I'm so pleased I did and love how my skin looks and feels after using it.  It's one of the simplest and 'all natural' products I use and requires nothing but itself and one other ingredient ... Apple Cider Vinegar (another health and beauty holy grail).  I apply this every other week and typically on Sundays before bed.

      My favorite part is that you can literally feel your face pulsating while the clay mask is drying and when it dries, boy is it DRY!!  After removing you'll notice that face is a bit red (from scrubbing mask off and from acidic vinegar) and so I soothe it with a light ace oil and head to bed! It honestly removes all dead skin cells, dirt, and those stubborn clogged pores!  You will feel like a new, vibrant YOU!

      Cheers to a beautiful you!

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      Tuesday, February 23, 2016

      Clarifying Shampoo (PSA - you need this in your life!)

      Hi Gorgeous,

      If you're like me, you are kind of 'shitty' at styling your luscious locks and so you require the help of products and tools - which then require the use of heat protectants, styling sprays and holds! With this comes the inevitable buildup of residues on your scalp and then you, like me, look like a grease ball even right after coming from the shower.

      If this has happened to you, you need a clarifying shampoo (yasss) and my favorite is the Kenra Professional Clarifying Shampoo (I get mine at ULTA for a  well spent $13 at 10.1 oz).

      Clarifying shampoos are like the reset button we often dream existed on days were your hair and makeup just Can't. Get. It. Together.! Striping your hair and scalp of buildup's, clarifying shampoo allows you to 'start over' and gain a fresh perspective again.

      Although not recommended for regular use (as in every time you wash), I do tend to use it every 2 weeks unless desperately needed.  Since I have color treated hair I try to use sparingly as its not a color safe product AND I make sure to give my hair a reset right before I go to a color appointment so that I'm sure I wont be yearning for some clarification (hehe) too soon after color treatments!

      So there you have it ... one of my life saving hair tricks (and lord KNOWS I need as many as I can get)

      Cheers to a beautiful (hair worthy) you,

      Tuesday, February 9, 2016

      VALENTINE'S gifts for all

      Hi Gorgeous!

      I literally cannot believe that St. Valentine's Day is 11 days away! Where is the time going ?!

      Here are some gifts for the love of your life or even just a 'Galentine' (friends celebrating valentines together!).
         * If you are a man reading this post to get some ideas for your girls gift- you are a wise, WISE man!

      This adorable Too Faced Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks kit is a perfect combo-not to mentioned perfectly designed for Valentine's day!  These are the perfect trio of blush colors for flushed day looks and sultry night looks - combined with these long wearing liquid lipsticks you can't go wrong.
      Picture from

      This palette will quickly become her go to! With romantic rose gold tones and soft smokey browns the UD Naked3 palette is versatile, smooth, and well pigmented.
      Picture of Naked3 palette from

      Although most of us can't afford these shoes, this gorgeous show-stopping rouge lipstick may be as close as we can get!  The Christina Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour is sure to take her breathe away, not to mention that this seductive color in Rouge Louboutin -001 might make you want to buy her the rest!  With a silky smooth texture and long lasting wearing power everyone will be asking what she is wearing on her lips <3
      Picture of Rouge Louboutin-001 from

      And last but NOT least, a flirty pastel pink to coat her beautiful nails!  This Zoya nail polish in the color Dot is perfect for spring, summer, love, and lust! PLUS, its free of harmful chemicals like "toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP".   
      Picture of DOT from

      May all of your Valentine's days be filled with love, laughter, and good company <3 and Remember- its not just a day for 'lovas', but a day for LOVE .period.!

      Cheers to a beautiful you,